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ROWE has represented innovative, high-quality lubricants as “Made in Germany” products since 1995. Due to the passion which they feel for our products, the approximately 300 ROWE members of staff deliver top performance every day. Because it is the people who work at ROWE who make the company what it is: Their commitment, their know-how and their willingness to challenge the limits of what is possible every day create the basis for our success.

The ROWE main factory, which is located in Worms and was opened in 2014, was designed and erected with sustainability in mind from day one. 

This can be seen, among other things, in the more than 65 km of pipework on site. The so-called “dedicated Lines” at ROWE are each utilized exclusively for one specific product, which thereby saves the environment countless flushing operations for the pipes which would otherwise be necessary.

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